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TYA x Torqued Distribution Partnership

Torqued Distribution, who we mentioned in our last blog, was our first official WD partnership that we landed at PRI 2021. We’ve been in talks with them a few weeks leading up to PRI and we instantly made a connection. The synergy between our companies is amazing. To shed some light on Torqued Distribution, the founder Tim Trampedach is a motorsports enthusiast. His upbringing is very similar to most of us enthusiasts – from building RC cars, tinkering with Lego sets, and watching F1, to building cars at the coming of age. Tim’s early career path comes from big tech companies in the Silicon Valley. With his experience in tech and the knowledge of bringing new products and brands to the marketplace led to him establishing Torqued Distribution.

If you comb their site, you will find that most of their testimonies have one thing in common. Their customers praise Torqued Distribution for being a “technology company with a racing and performance habit” – Kent Bradley. Torqued Distribution is evolving the WD game by providing unique cloud based services to their customers such as their Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Advanced Dealer Portal, API Product Data Management and so forth. They understand the importance of data and how it is transferred and organized onto e-commerce platforms, which is one of the main services we provide. To see eye-to-eye with each other is why our relationship clicked from the start.

In 2020, Torqued Distribution launched their latest technology Warehouse as a Service (WaaS). They’ve taken the next steps for automation by connecting their eCommerce systems such as Shopify, WooCommerce or any ERP system connected to the Torqued Cloud. With this technology, their dealers can get real-time, up-to-date inventory, pricing, product information, images and more. Alongside those features, dealers can also fulfill orders with a single click through Torqued Distribution and is automatically forwarded to the dealer’s customer. To learn more about Waas, check it out here. I highly recommend reading their latest feature by Performance Business Media, “The New Face of Drop Shipping Comes from Silicon Valley.”

Torqued Distribution has all the bells and whistles and is truly one of the most technologically advanced wholesale distributors in the nation. We are proud to be an Official Partner to help their dealer base establish their eCommerce site or optimize their current one. If you have a shop and are looking to build your site or redesign your current site, please contact us. We will also put you in touch with Torqued Distribution so you can take advantage of their program.

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